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This site is closing down soon, our work is done.
Schapelle is Free, just waiting out the parole time now.
Thanks for all the support, it's been quite an experience for all.
Good Luck Schapelle, We wish you well.

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This site... SchapelleCorby.co.nz is an amateur non official support site that believes in Schapelle and is proud to say so !!!

Heres the go (supposedly)... Schapelle packed her bag full of 4.2kg of marijuana in Brisbane, then passed the bag over the counter at Brisbane airport, from there the bag went through Brisbane airport onto Sydney, through Sydney airport onto Bali where it was found by Balinese Customs. If this was the case, how can it be explained how the drugs got through Hi-Tech customs survellience equipment and trained airport personnel at 2 of Australias biggest airports only to be found so easily at Bali customs using probably lesser sophisticated equipment and probably lesser trained customs and airport staff. How? because it didn't happen like this. The Aussies didn't find or detect the dope because it wasn't there when it passed through the equipment and trained staff, do you really think they wouldn't have detected it if it was? If you're an Australian no doubt you asked big questions about passenger security in your airports and where your tax dollars were going in regards to issues like this.
There are 3 much more likely and probable scenarios...
1: It was placed into her bag in Brisbane by baggage handlers just before the plane took off and was supposed to be removed in Sydney by baggage handlers as soon as the plane arrived but was missed (This is possible).
2: It was placed into her bag in Sydney as a decoy to enable other drugs or contraband to be moved unnoticed and this decoy was never meant to be picked up, the baggage handlers deliberately set up a passenger and sacrificed the dope to draw the heat away from something of greater value. (This is possible).
3: It was planted by the Indonesians themselves when her bag arrived at Denpasar, as at that time they didn't have the Bali 9, so who knows what their motives may have been. (This is possible).
Whatever actually happened, Schapelle was used, she did not receive a fair trial and should not be in jail.

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